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Papparoti is famous for its soft fluffy buttery buns and assortment of beverages. Freshly baked, the bun has a soft buttery centre with a sweet crispy crust, compliments best with tea and coffee. The buns can be topped with Nutella, Cheese, Caramel etc.



All safety protocols with hygienic kitchen, staff and riders are being taken against Covid-19. Regular sanitization, masks, gloves.

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If you believe that you have the financial capacity and business experience needed to invest in a Papparoti franchise, let us work with you to become a Papparoti franchise.

A franchise is a license to use a proven business system and its brand identity, operating procedures, marketing and advertising , training programmes. As a franchisee, your own personal finesse, expertise, entrepreneurial skills and commitment are vital to reap the full benefits of a franchise.

Franchise with us

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